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 Hfybc Skills

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PostSubject: Hfybc Skills   Hfybc Skills Icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2009 8:39 am

Black/Sword Magic:

Skill #01
Name: Fire (applied on weapon becomes Fire, Fira, or Firaga Sword depending on level)
Level: 1. (Becomes Fira in level 16, and Firaga in level 33)
Type: Fire Elemental (magic/physical, depending on medium used)
Description: A small, medium, or large sort of magical and firey explosion. It's size and damage depends purely on level of inteligence (status used to determine black magic damage) and base level of the caster.
Effect: Besides damage, 3rd degree burns, and heat effects: Nil.

Skill #07
Name: Blizard (aplied on weapon becomes Blizard, Blizara or Blizaga sword depending on level)
Level: 3 (Becomes Blizara at level 18, and Blizaga in level 35)
Type: Ice Element (magic/physical, depending on medium used)
Description: A small, medium, or large magically formed ice cube falls on top of the foe. It's size and damage depends purely on level of inteligence (status used to determine black magic damage) and base level of the caster.
Effect: Besides damage, freeze effects and ice burns: None at all.

Skill #08
Name: Thunder (aplied on weapon becomes Thunder, Thundara, or Thundaga sword depending on level)
Level: 5 (Becomes Thundara at level 20, and Thundaga at level 37)
Type: Thunder Element (magic/physical, depending on medium used)
Description: A small, medium, or large awkwardly magical bolt of lightning falls from the skies right atop the oponents. It's size and damage depends purely on level of inteligence (status used to determine black magic damage) and base level of the caster.
Effect: Besides damage, paralizis, and damage boost to machines: None.

Skill #09
Name: Mute (aplied on weapon becomes Mute Sword)
Level: 8
Type: Status Effect (physical damage and mute status effect, if on weapon, and only the status effect if plain magic)
Description: It COULD have a reasonable explanation, if I didn't know exactly what to explain. It's just some awkwards magic that somehow mutes the target.
Effect: Mute (makes person unable to talk and therefor, cast magics, and explaining plans for about 7 posts (considering you can still move and all, you can dodge the atacks thrown at ye lot))

Skill #11
Name: Poison (Changes name to bio on level 28 ) (aplied on weapon, becomes Poison Sword, or Bio Sword depending on level)
Level: 11 (Becomes Bio in level 28 )
Type: Status Effect (Physical damage and poison status if on weapon, and only the status effect if plain magic (in level 28, there is a damage boost if used in the weapon, also dealing the poison status, and deals magic damage and the status effect if plain magic))
Description: Enchants the sword with a thin veil of poison (or deadly poison in Bio's case), or summons a poisonous mist (a splash of venom, if bio) which poisons the foe, making him take damage over time until death or until the target is healed by "antidote" item, "Esuna" magic, or "Panacea" magic.
Effect: Poison (slowly saps one target's life force (poison and damage if it's bio))

Skill #12
Name: Sleep (aplied on weapon becomes Sleep Sword)
Level: 14
Type: Status Effect (Physical damage and sleep status if on weapon, only status effect if used as plain magic)
Description: Another one that hasn't a simple explanation, it just makes the target go to sleep, making it unable to wake up by normal methods but damage, time, or an alarm clock.
Effect: Sleep (duh. Makes person go to sleep suddenly, unable to wake up but with esuna, an alarm clock item, or a good hit upside the head. It also takes 1~3 posts to wear off)

Skill #16
Name: Drain (aplied on weapon becomes Drain Sword)
Level: 24
Type: Damage (Physical/magical damage, depending on medium used)
Description: Go Blood Sword! Atack and damage your foe, taking it's health for your own. How? I dunno. Another of those awkwards magic.
Effect: Drains the damage one causes to restore it's own health. A sort of damaging cure. It has the oposite effect if used on zombie targets.

Skill #17
Name: Break (aplied on weapon becomes Break Sword)
Level: 26
Type: Status Effect (physical damage and status effect with weapon, no damage and petrify status effect if plain magic).
Description: Break is the petrefy-ing skill that everyone knows and hates. It has a 5 post countdown before it turns the target completely to stone. Repeated casts do NOT speed up the process, stop asking. This status effect completely devastes a party if not healed up as soon as possible. Petrefyed characters can't act and can't receive damage. They are only healed with "esuna" or "stona" magics, or the "golden needle" item.
Effect: Petrefy. Simple, no? As mentioned above, you can only heal the petrefy status with stona, esuna, or golden needle. If not any, then it's game over.

Skill #22
Name: Flare (Aplied on weapon becomes Flare Sword)
Level: 45
Type: Non-elemental (Physical/Magical damage, depending on medium)
Description: One of the strongest black magic spells, which is able to pierce reflect status, and damage the enemy for alot. As a Non-Elemental damage spell, it isn't usually absorbed by the enemy. It's apearence is usually that of a huge fire spell.
Effect: Non-Elemental damage. Simple as that.

Skill #23
Name: Tri-Magic
Level: 49
Type: All the three elements (Not apliable to weapons)
Description: An atack which focuses one enemy with the three "-aga" level spells, Thundaga, Blizaga, and Firaga, dealing massive damage to the target.
Effect: Three spells at once = neeeat~ Usefull against someone that DOESN'T absorb any of the used elements.

White Magic:

Skill #02
Name: Cure (Unable to apply on sword because of positive reinforcement)
Level: 1 (Becomes Cura at level 22)
Type: Healing, Magic.
Description: A sort of purify-ing light. The light bathes the target, healing the target for a small or medium ammount of health, determined by the spirit status (Status to determine white magic sucess ratio and healing properties) and the base level of the caster.
Effect: Damages undead, heals the living.

Skill #18
Name: Esuna (Same as above)
Level: 30
Type: Magic, Recovery
Description: Another purify-ing light, this time coming from the hilt of the sword, which recovers most of one's status effects, like mute, poison, petrify, sleep, etc, etc. Cannot recover K.O. nor Doom status effect.
Effect: Heals most of one's negative status effects.

Skill #20
Name: Holy (if aplied to sword, becomes Holy Sword)
Level: 39
Type: Holy Element (physical/magic damage, depending on medium used)
Description: The ultimate white magic spell, which for once, has damaging uses. Stronger against undead and demons because of it's holy nature, it usually obliterates foes. Unable to be reflected due to it's holy nature.
Effect: Holy-fies enemies into oblivion.

Sword Skills:

Skill #03
Name: Shinku Buddha Giri
Level: 1
Type: Non-Elemental (If sword is enhanced with sword magic, instead of non-elemental, deals that element's damage physical, ranged)
Description: With a single slash, a single shockwave travels the air in a high speed, against the target. Ence the shockwave hits the target, the target gets physical damage, getting cuts and bruises.
Effect: *shrugs* Magical sword slash that does physical damage WITH element IF the sword is enhanced.

Skill #10
Name: Soul Crush
Level: 10
Type: Non-Elemental, Poison (Doesn't matter what element it is enhanced, it's always poisonous and non-elementalphysical, ranged)
Description: Slams the ground with the sword, and rocks start to come from the ground. Although it seems a shockwave is going on the target's direction, ence it is suposed to hit, instead of a hit from the ground, they take a hit on the head, and the target feels like his soul was crushed into a million pieces. Also deals Poison status effect.
Effect: Ranged non-elemental atack with poison on it.

Skill #14
Name: Rakuhouha (Fallen Fenix Strike)
Level: 20
Type: Non-Elemental (Same as Shinku Buddha Giri)
Description: The user, in a single movement, draws a circle around itself with the tip of the sword, then raises the sword, and stabs it into the ground. Energy flows from the user to the sword, and from the sword to the ground around him, and from the ground, a dome like shield raises in the area the user drawn. The dome covers the user completely, shielding him from any direction for about 2 posts, but has a recharge rate. After the two posts protection, the shield breaks into about 8 energy arrows which follow the target around. Depending on elemental infused on the weapon, it has diferent colors, but mostly, it's either fire, or non-elemental (Light Red or Light Blue color). Has a recharge rate of 15 posts. (complete invencibility does that kind of stuff).
Effect: Raises a shield for two turns that completely absorbs any kind of damage, but without giving more health to the user (Shield Materia in FF7).

Skill #19
Name: Dash-and-Slash
Level: 30
Type: Physical (Not ranged, but elements change depending on the element enhanced on the sword)
Description: The samurai-esque atack everyone's used to. The user dashes, and trespasses the foe, landing on the other side of the target, and even when he only seems to have slashed once, the target feels the pain of 10 slashes. Because of the fast nature of this atack, it's hard to block, but possible to dodge.
Effect: Quick Damage. Usefull for dodging stuff, if properly used.

Skill #21
Name: Assassin's Intent
Level: 40
Type: Physical, Poison status effect (Not ranged yet again, and elements don't change. It's a fixed Poison type.)
Description: The user dashes in a S pattern against the target, and ence he's really close, he doesn't seem to want to stop, and sort of disapears from the target's sight. After that happens, the user takes some of his precious time to enchant the choosen weapon in deadly poison, slashing the foes from behind. After the first slash is made, the enchantment of the deadly poison fades, and the assassin is free to either back away or slash some times more. The deadly poison unables the target to move for 1 post, and is a sure poison atack. Because of the fast nature of this atack, it's hard to block, but possible to dodge. Has a recharge rate of 10 posts.
Effect: Poison, and target is unable to act.

Limit Breaker:

Skill #04
Name: Kuja's Life
Level: 1
Type: Many Types. Depends on atack used mostly.
Description: A Self-Developed Limit Breaker, it evolves over time. Every time the user of this limit levels 10 times, the user gets a new limit atack. (Example: Level 1 - One atack. Level 10 - Two atacks. Level 20 - Three atacks. Level 30 - Four atacks. Level 40 - Five atacks. And so on, and so on. I'll post another thing to explain what does each limit does, as they have to be in a followed order, like Tifa's limit in FF7)
Effect: If in level 90 or up, and all of the limits hit, the enemy may be as good as dead, depending on defence and magic they may have cast upon themselves.

Race Skills:

Skill #05
Name: Ashikalhanço Totalis
Level: 1
Type: Physical
Description: The user keeps his weapon away, and dashes in, then repeatdly strikes with it's barehands into certain joints of the body. Although the atacks don't actually do any damage, the target is unable to move for one post.
Effect: Disables the target's movements.

Skill #06
Name: Darkness' ascension
Level: 1
Type: Sort of Physical
Description: Enables the user to jump again in mid air, allowing more air time. It can be used about 5 times in a row before having to land somewhere or at least wall kick to use again.
Effect: Allows extended air-time for more combos to be performed.

Skill #13
Name: Dark Corridor
Level: 15
Type: Magic
Description: A teleporting device unique to all anti-forms, enabling them the power of instant teleportation from one place to another. Cannot be used to atack instantly after re-apearing from behind a foe, for example.
Effect: Instant teleportation.

Skill #15
Name: Shadow Disapearence
Level: 20
Type: Awkwards
Description: Ability unique to those who live in the darkness, the anti-form with this ability is able to disapear into his own shadow for a unlimited ammout of time. Or he stays inside and dodges, or he gets out and atacks. It has a recharge rate of 10 posts.
Effect: Usefull dodge ability.

Skill #24
Name: Darkness Mastery
Level: 55
Type: Passive
Description: All -aga spells become Dark -aga spells, and tri-magic becomes a three hit combo of dark -aga spells. Not only do they deal regular elemental damage, they also become homing, slightly stronger, and even dark element, so for example, dark firaga won't only be fire element, it'll also be dark element, and deal more damage to ice and holy beings alike. Also receives less damage from darkness elements, and slightly more from holy ones.
Effect: Passive. Turns All elemental skills into Dark Elemental skills. Holy magic, as an holy atack, cannot become a dark elemental skill.

Skill #25
Name: Sin Heartless Angel
Level: 70
Type: Magic
Description: The user opens his palm, and turns it to the target, then says in a calm voice "Sin... Heartless Angel". This ability instant kills any target 30 levels below the user. If used on someone 10 level stronger, it does absolutely nothing, and if used on someone between those levels, it just damages the enemy greatly. Ence the "spell" is chanted, both the target and the user see what seems to be an angel stealing the target's soul. This spell can only be done a maximum of 5 times in battle, and it has 15 posts recharge between all those 5.
Effect: Kills targets 30 levels below the user, doesn't do jack to anyone 10 levels stronger, and greatly damages anyone between those two values.


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Hfybc Skills
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