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 Neon Genius Skills

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Neon Genius
Neon Genius

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PostSubject: Neon Genius Skills   Neon Genius Skills Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 9:03 pm


Skill #2
Name: Tourner Gracieux
Level: 10
Type: Physical/Close Range
Description: Meaning Graceful Spin this technique is perfected and performed to cause your opponent to fall in awe before it. The leg is extended and with made contanct will make a random cause of status damage.
Effect: Causes random status effect

Skill #3
Name: Foxtrot
Level: 8
Type: Physical/Close-Range
Description: The legs of the dancer move like the fox at hunt. With incredible swiftness the user decends a hundred combo with flips, spins, and thrusts.
Effect: No effect

Skill #14
Name: Terra Externa
Level: 45
Type: Magical
Description: The strength and will of the dancer shakes the earth itself. The darkness of ones heart will only reach so far when released. The true colors of ones art is shown.
Effect: Casts Darkness

Skill #19
Name: Meloncoly Magiesty
Level: 20
Type: Counter/Long-Range
Description: The powers of the dart arts are nothing to that of the graceful dancer. The body of thy dancer rejects thy magic and then sends it back at two-fold.
Effect: Counters magical Attacks.

Skill #24
Name: Frappé
Level: 3
Type: Physical/Close-range
Description: The dancer with flip in the air and lace in air with his/her heel. SMite down thy enemy with the grace of the goddess.
Effect: No effect


Skill #1
Name: Jete
Level: 1
Type: Physical/Mid-Range
Description: Hop Hop Pop. The user brings his/her leg together and then perfoms an out standing leap of the legs that sends the right foot into the opponent's chest.
Effect: No effect

Skill #17
Name: Grande Jete
Level: 30
Type: Physical/Aerial
Description: Not even the skies can escape the beauty of a dancer's Jete. The dancer jumps into the air at full strength and with a magical sparkle of skill stands on the air as if a platform. On turn the dancer falls and lungs his/her foot into the chest of the opponent like a saber from the heavens.
Effect: Causes stun.

Skill #22
Name: Fouetté jeté
Level: 39
Type: Physical/Close-Range
Description: The whipping throw of the leg which glides like a bird. The whiplash of this kick gives birth to a whole new meaning of pain.
Effect: No effect


Skill #6
Name: Pas de deux
Level: 15
Type: Counter/Close-range
Description: WIth legs crossed and arms laces behind one's back, he/she is ready to dance the dance of battle. The user stops the opponent with their foot and the with a spin and flip lay upon them fours kicks to the head chest and sides.
Effect: Counters Physical Abilities

Skill #8
Name: Dense Floraison
Level: 11
Type: Magical/Long Range
Description: Literally the Blooming Dance. With quick spins and kicks that soar over the air sparkling waves of magic fly and tear appaer the skies as if petals blowing in the wind.
Effect: Weakens Physical defense.

-Black Waltz-

Skill #5
Name: Burning Samba
Level: 5
Type: Magical/Long range
Description: The burning passion for art is exserted and the flames become as really as daylight. The feets of the user egnite into a burning storm of fire and a quick spiral of a floating spin of the legs sends this wave of fire towards the evil.
Effect: Causes fire damage

Skill #4
Name: Blizzard Bop
Level: 8
Type: Magical/Long-Range
Description: Dancing on ice like a racing bird of the sky the dancer freezes the water in the air infront of them. A jump and a kick and the ice of the sky decends towards the enemy.
Effect: Ice Damage

Skill #7
Name: Lighting Legong
Level: 19
Type: Magical/ Long-Range
Description: A dancer is like a flash of lighting and thunder, every moment a glemise of beauty. They call forth the beauty of nature to complement their own. Electricity flows like a shocking devotion of all dancer and the dancer let's all amition flow into the slies and strike the enemy.
Effect: Causes lighting damage.

Skill #9
Name: Aqua Allemande
Level: 27
Type: Magical/Long Range
Description: The rivers flow like the beauty of the dancer flows to the audience. The swirling whirlpool of water swarms the body of the dancer and thus being released like a shinning stream of grace.
Effect: Causes Aqua damage.

-White Ballet-

Skill #11
Name: Arret
Level: 18
Type: Magical
Description: Upon the stage the dancer stops halting the surrounding area and thus the wall of light is visible.
Effect: Casts Wall

Skill #12
Name: La Rosee du Matin
Level: 5
Type: Magical
Description: Each dance like a gift to the audience. The beauty and grace that is performed cures all woes of the heart.
Effect: Casts Cure

Skill #13
Name: Parfait Balancé
Level: 30
Type: Magical
Description: Perfection is what is needed for a dancer. All must be precise. The grace of a dancer if given to the world and all is forever a balancing peace.
Effect: Casts Ensura and raises accuracy.

Skill #21
Name: Changement de pieds
Level: 40
Type: Magical
Description: New techniques and new exercises. The movesments of one type to another. Adaptiblity must be made to be one with this dance. The physical and Magical properties of this world shall shift.
Effect: Swaps Physical and Magical status.

-] Limit Breakers-

Skill #10
Name: Coup de Grâce
Level: 10
Type: Magical Physical/Close Range
Description: Thy dieing beast we decend to the the winds of mercy. The user stretches his/her arms out and stand on stands on his/her toes. With exact accuracy they flip over and over giving the enchantment of a magical sparkle in their feet and like quick daggers theycreate a cross slash that split the opponent into fours from top bottom and sides.
Effect: Rarely causes instant KO.

Skill #15
Name: Cercueil on croise
Level: 25
Type: Physical
Description: Death shall come upon swift wings of the messanger. The legs of the dancer are strengthened to the max. A jump in the air and the dancer lands on the opponent and the spins and flips creating a engraved cross in the earth with the opponent at the center.
Effect: Cuts attack in half to the user

Skill #16
Name: Flamenco
Level: 45
Type: Physical/Aerial
Description: The dancer soars across the air like a wind running across ice. Fast and almost invisible the dancer strikes the enemy upward sending both of them into the sky. This coming turn the fall back to the earth as hard a meteor to the planet.
Effect: Delays enemy actions.

Skill #18
Name: Bras Croisé
Level: 50
Type: Physical/Close-range
Description: The dancer crosses his fists for the first time with his opponent. Spins and turns break the bones and fits bcut the lies. The pulses of flying fits smash the opponent into an implosion of oneself.
Effect: Causes stun.

Skill #20
Name: Danse d'un Millie d'mot
Level: 35
Type: Magical Physical/ Close-Range
Description: A dance of a thousand ward is one that desirves a standing ovastion. The dancer spins and spins until they literally float on the air itself. They flips and kick their legs into the air like graceful feathers in a gust of wind. From those kicks there is a release of wind and water. Like glisening rivers of the skies they splash the enemy in a berrage of a thousand dances.
Effect: Causes Wind and Water damage and paralization.

Skill #23
Name: Fouetté rond de jambe en tournant
Level: 60
Type: Magical Physical/Close-Range Long-Range
Description: Like a whirlwind the dances spins in places over and over summoning forth the winds of the goddess. Like a hurricane on land essences of wind, water, and earth cycle in a whirling storm of destruction. A safe-zone in made near the dancer in which he/she cane continue to spin and attack any near by enemy. Dancing on air the dancer shall seek out all enemies in the storm and strike them down.
Effect: Causes Earth, Wind, and Water Damage.

Skill #25
Name: Acte final, la déesse de la misère
Level: 72
Type: Magical Physical/ Mid-Range
Description:[/b] The final act of the ballet. The goddess of misery decends from the sky. Her word is command. The dancer invokes all power and skill into this final dance. The sparkling flickers of magic have burst into ray of blinding light. The ankles and wrists and overly charges with energy so a long crackle is released on contact. This is the fist of the goddess. All that is destoryed for the vessel of the goes is like dark matter that will rip appart the universe.
Effect: Cuts enemies strength and magic in half. User is down to 1 HP.

Neon Genius Skills Nerosain
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Neon Genius Skills
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