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The fantasy......the create rests in your hands.
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 Neon Genius, The Insane One

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Neon Genius
Neon Genius

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PostSubject: Neon Genius, The Insane One   Neon Genius, The Insane One Icon_minitimeSat Oct 18, 2008 5:39 pm

Name: Neon
Race: Cross-Genesis
Years: 25
Gender: Male
Level: 15
Height/Weight: 5' 8', 165
Appearance: I wear a tight black body suit which restricts my upper body. The top is light a straight jacket to lock my arms in place and the straps on my legs keep my legs from streatching too far.
Bio: I am but a former test subject. In a laboratory they tested on most of us. They tried to make us into unstoppable killing machines. We were "programmed" to destroy the anti-forms, but they had tried to "fight fire with fire". they injected us and zapped us with anti-form material to reshape us. One night the lab broke down and we were freed, but not sane. We killed every last scientist and doctor in the lab. The police came with sirens shrieking in the blackness of the night. The surrounded us and captures us. Instead of trying to calm us down and investigate the building, transformed the lab into an insane asylum. They all thought we killed the doctors because we were crazy. No one outside the lab knew of the horror that went on inside the place. Ever-single test subject and lab rat was places into separate rooms of the lab and boarded up. We had real doctors come in once and awhile to feed us. Then the doctors were replaced with nurses. Then the nursed were replaces with the workers from the homeless shelter. Then no one came. Sense we were injected with anti-form material we never aged and never got sick. They left holes in the water pipes so we can drink whenever we wanted and the rats that crawled around the place were our daily meals. Soon after we were completely forgotten and the lab was boarded up and made a "No Trespassing" zone. They say the place is haunted. It is. With the memories of inhumanity and torture. They filed us as insane, but one you spend so long in a place with no light and no food your mind being to think differently. Each one of us went mental after what happened. We were completely cheated out of our freedom and our justice. Now we suffer from severe causes of insanity. The voices of those sick doctors and scientists were so sharp and sinister, they echo in my mind. I still hear the voice of those who died on the lab tables and those who killed themselves in their cells. I still hear the voices.
Cell Number: CG0001
Class: Dancer
Weapons: Armoured Legs
-Strike (strike replaces Attack)
Your Party: No one
Quote: "The voices in my head are screaming. They're all screaming your demize"

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Neon Genius, The Insane One
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