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 Genesis 1:2 All that is, is but a dream

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Genesis 1:2 All that is, is but a dream Empty
PostSubject: Genesis 1:2 All that is, is but a dream   Genesis 1:2 All that is, is but a dream Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 3:15 pm

In the country of alexandra lies the kingdom of king Cather. The world sees them a the liberators of the world but their is lies in the truth and truth in the lie. At the moment the police are following the orders of King ather. Any anti-form that stands must be instintly killed. Anyone who is human who tries to sin under "Seven Killings" will be taken to the underground torture base. Anyone who tries to resist will be tortured in the streets publically. Anywho who attacks the police will be shot. Anyone who assults onther human well be beaten. Anyone who assults a royal will be killed insintly. These are words of the King himself. No mercy will be given to those who try to disturb the peace. The anti-forms are result of the sinners he says. All public speechs made to the people to scare them into becoming better people. But what about the royals? Who are the royals?

The royals are the family of King Cather. Cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, children, everyone who is connected by blood and marrage. The priests, cleaners, servants, food tasters are nothing more than the help. They only have the privlage of living in the same castle. The family is spoiled rotten from the money they reseive from the overwhelming tasking from the poor. The people don't leave because in the words of the King "This is the safest of all the countries. The others are swarmed with Anti-forms and they do not have the previlages we do with out techknowlogy and police force." They are scared and tricked to think they are safe. The king's plan to to create a kingdom that rules over all the countries.

The money that the king reseives in transfered to the scentists and medics in the castle. Why? He is using them to create an immortal body that will never die. He is planning to create the living replica of the God Omega. The god who was the one who destroyed the planet a millienum ago. The story goes the gods Omega, Martel and Alphonse fought over the rule of the planet. Omega lost the contest to both Martel and Alphonse and out of rage destroyed the planet. Through Martel's knowledge she sculpted a new earth and with the hope of Alphonse life was give to the planet. Omega being jeolous of there skill departed to the underworld but left behind the essence of sin to roam the earth so that it may inject itself into the creaters of the earth. He created seven black engravings to infest sin. He wrote on the earth the names Greed, Lust, Sloth, Vanity, Wrath, Gluttony, and Envy. From the words that were written, 7 beings that as gods with pitch black skins appeared. These children of Omega were the creaters that introduced sin to the world. They say if one prays to Alphonse and Martel for protection sin will not come to them.

The king's idea of being a king is to last forever with an iron fist. His children think the same but don't know the exact plans of their father nor do the knights of Alexandra. The queen on the other hand knows everything. No one has noticed the fact that that there has never been a Queen Victoria the second or third. THe truth is that the young beautiful youthful queen today is the same woman from the days of the first King Cather. She possesses the power to keep herself looking young and beautiful. She is immortal unlike her great grandchild who wishes for that power. This is a secret no one else but her knows. Everyone thinks of her as the wife of Cather but the real wife of Cather is a servant and Victoria is the unoffical Queen who has more power then the King.

The truth is that the King and Queen are trying to purify the world of Omega, Martel and Alphonse so that they can be the new gods. No one knows if the stories of these gods are true but they royals believe they are. First the King will gain the loyality of the other contries, then rule them, and then destroy them. A hopeless dream of bringing everlasting life to humanity by destroying something that might be fictional. If this is the plan of the Royals, they will have it.

Genesis 1:2 All that is, is but a dream Nerosain
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Genesis 1:2 All that is, is but a dream
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