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 Yuna,The Ex-summoner

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PostSubject: Yuna,The Ex-summoner   Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:37 pm

Name: Yuna

Age: 19

Level: 1

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5'7, 130


Bio: Yuna was a high summoner from a far away land,she usually travels with her friends,Rikku and Paine,she was never the one to like fighting her friends but that was what happened when she was a summoner,she then defeated sin and now she appeared on this land.

Home: Lenne

Class: Gunner

Weapons: Guns,handbag(for weird purposes)o.o

Skills: # Fireshot - Deals fire damage~1
# Boltshot - Deals lightning damage~3
# Iceshot - Deals ice damage~7
# Confushot - Damages and casts Confuse on target~10
# Charmshot - Damages and casts Charm on target~15
# Blindshot - Damages and casts Blind on target~20
# Silenshot - Damages and casts Silence on target~28
# Stopshot - Damages and casts Stop on target~33
# GravityShot- Damages based on gravity. Slow bullet but can deal massive damage.~40
# Trigger happy-A massive burst of bullets. Depending on users level.~Lvl all.(2 extra bullets per level. So a lvl 1 user shoots 3 bullets at once for a limited time

Magic: (none yet)

Summons: (Staff decides.)

Your Party: (None)

Likes: (Her friends o.o)

Dislikes: (Ebil o.o)

About you: nice?

Favorite Quote: Let's go!
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Number of posts : 2
Age : 25
Registration date : 2009-02-11

PostSubject: Re: Yuna,The Ex-summoner   Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:26 am

Done o.o
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Yuna,The Ex-summoner
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