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PostSubject: AUTO-ATTACKS!! READ!!!!!!   AUTO-ATTACKS!! READ!!!!!! Icon_minitimeSat Feb 07, 2009 5:45 pm

ALRIGHTY NOW. I'm allowing Auto-Attack. BUT IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!!!

Alright listen. This is how it works. There will be some defensive retaliation attacks. This means like....If you have a move like "Pas de Deux" like mine, you can stand in a defensive position and take in your enviroment and then if your attacked you can counter that and auto-matically hit them back.

NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not like "Neon flickers away and then kicks Mimi in the back" that's a DQ! anything where you hit them straight up without a chance of defense if BAD!

Retaliation if different. See if they are attacking you they have no defense and turning that strength into a weakness if strategenic. BUT! I will not tollerate this "As mimi attacks Neon he uses Par de Deux and then attack her in mid stride" If you use that during there attack it's considered cheating. This is how you use an auto-attack.

First off, it must be your turn and your opponent but not be launching an attack. You must cast the counter before they perform the attack. This way we won't have a ton of complants about this later. Like so "Mimi decides to use a potion and stay back to heal herself." , "Neon uses this time to prepare for mimi's next phase of battle by casting Par de Deux" "Mimi runs and sends a fist towards Neon" "Neon sees his chance and uses mimi's blind spots to flip her over and kick her in the chest." SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Second , when you make a a auto-attack skill, DO NOT PUT A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF ON IT TO MAKE IT AS UBER AS YOU THINK IT IS. Listen, auto's are a counter in this rpg. How it works is you pick a speical skill and it then you counter it. Like Magic or Physical attack. This way we won't have like people countering Fireballs with like their fists or something. If has to only go along with one thing. Now you can have counter's against elemnts or even status effects. That's ok but remember the first room. Use it on your turn when your opponent is not using an attack.

Now, if your opponent is using an attack and you want to use a counter. what you do is either block or take the attack . Sense that attack is out of the way you are able to use a counter and prepare for an attack.

Listen, if your a physical fighter, you cannot use straight up magic like Blizzard or fire, you can use magical physical attacks. But this is also a physical attack so if there is a physical counter that still counts. Mages, you can use a very weak physical attack to keep you clean of magic counters.

If you have any question please ask.

AUTO-ATTACKS!! READ!!!!!! Nerosain
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