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 Availible Characters for Storyline

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PostSubject: Availible Characters for Storyline   Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:37 pm

Good Guys:

Fredrick Devour IX -------Availible
Cid -------------------------Availible
Linx Neonic ---------------Taken
Drake Mello ---------------Taken
Russell Roadrick ----------Availible
Cindy ----------------------Availible
Mindy ----------------------Availible
Sandy ----------------------Availble

Bad Guys:


King Octavus Cather V --Availible
Queen Victoria Cather ---Availible
Prince Alexander Cather -Availibe
Princess Gloria Cather ----Availble
Princess Olivia Cather -----Availble
Princess Valeria Cather ----Availble
Brock "Brook" Lander ------Availible
Vendus "Bisship" Olis -------Availible
Viola "Knight" Road ---------Availible
Gallian "Knight" Road -------Availible
Fredrick Ander ---------------Availible


Fai Shadowheart ---------Taken
Scarlet Valintine ----------Availible
Meranda Volix -------------Availible
Kain Viper -----------------Availible
Key Nox -------------------Availible
Fredrick Devour ----------Availible


Spawn ---------------------Taken
Birth -----------------------Availible
Beyond --------------------Availible
Life -------------------------Availible
Near ------------------------Availible
Far --------------------------Availble
Death -----------------------Availible


Now please, before ANY OF YOU decide to pick one of these characters DO NOT make a profile untill i have said it is ok by me. If you ask to be someone, I will give you a little info on who these people are to let you know what your getting into. Please, I would like to have the Good Guys to be out before the Bad Guys, but that is a sujestion you don't have to pick a bad guy. You don't have to pick a char, make up one, i dont care, your choice.

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Availible Characters for Storyline
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