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 Genesis 1:1 The Birth of the Unborn

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Genesis 1:1 The Birth of the Unborn Empty
PostSubject: Genesis 1:1 The Birth of the Unborn   Genesis 1:1 The Birth of the Unborn Icon_minitimeTue Feb 03, 2009 7:25 pm

The scientists of Higaldronus held upon a meeting in the universaty collage that laid in the middle of the city. When they proposed a plan to be rid of the Anti-Forms they collage supplied them with all the money they needed. Time went buy and with the help of the scientists they were able to create minor weapons of killing lower life anti-forms. So much time after they decided that a much more effective weapon must be made. In this idea, they thought that man would be the best weapon for it's articialy intelligence and able to be increased in strength, speed, and stamina. Of course a human weapon would be the best and more effective weapon. Humans have the world's greatest potentil of controling even the earth that lays under them and water that rides past them and the wind that gives them the ablity to life on these surfaces. But the collage would stop the funding if they new they used humans at test subjects, along with the police who would have jailed them and sentenced them to death. DUring the late winter the lead scientist Fredrick Devour bought out the collage and the surround plots that neighbored the ground. He ordered a complete build on to the collage and after so long the collage was made into a twenty story labratory.

Sometime after the scientists ran a plan to go into small town and retrieve the poor for test subjects. Beinging the idea that no one would notice of they died. They bribed the villagers of Martel to allow at least 35 people from that town to go into Alexandros and be the first few of many weapons of destruction. All around people were taken. In the villages declined their offer, children, women and men were abducted and taken against their will. Fredrick the leader of this plan decided that plain scientists and chemists wouldn't be enough. After so long he bought out two hospitals and employed over a hundred doctors and nurses. Fredrick owned the town at this point and not one person within Alezandros could stop him. He was the new law and order of the town. He had professional bodyguards and policemen guarding the building and throusands of alarms and traps.

Fredrick being the major proposed that he would make a bigger better hospital and research center. This lie made all the civilians feel safer about the rumours of conspirasy. With his labratory Fredrick had over a thousands rooms in which experiments were beinging done to numerous amount of people. In Fredrick's eyes and in his words "An experiment is never finished." This theory led to the death of thousands of people who were constently being injected and cut open to make sure that they could be 'perfect'.

Fredrick's idea was that Anti-Form DNA could only bond with DNA of that with special blood types like AB can only bond with AB, but sense he couldn't find any humans compatible with that he sliced and chopped down the DNA until he could find a gene that had the bonding cody and reform it to body with human DNA instead of just special living creatures. After he succeeded in this of creating the perfect bonding ajent he then expermented for days adding drugs and materials to have a special affect to that which it bonded to. This super drug allouded anything it bonded to beable to lift at least 125.76 times it's own body weight, have a speed faster than any animal alive or any machine, and have the accuracy of machine. Fredick quoted "They are our computers and this is just a new programmed that they need to adapt to." They first drug was used on the weaker subjects. Of course they were almost instantly killed. The unlucky ones lived a week of hell vomitting continuous spasums and strokes and rapid clotting of the blood which led to heart and other organ problems.

Fredrick was picky about who he tested on. He had a list of perfect subjects (he called) that were almost everything that was to his standards. The list consisted of the following: Fai Shadowheart, Linx Neonic, Scarlet Valintine, Drake Mello, Meranda Volix, Kain Viper and Key Nox. These were his pride test subjects. In his profession they had the best immune systems and sturdiest bodies of all. They had passed al his previous tests with a hundred percentage. He commented on them to his fellow experimentes "I am god and they are my Arch Angels of the new world. In my name they will bring upon a new upheval that will rid this world of sickness and pain. When the first drug came out and killed many of the experiments Fredrick decided to wait untill the drug was stable enough to be used on the remaining few. After they fifth drug was made was when it was finally tested on the "Angels" of Fredrick. Of course they were adaptable to them but each one had a different sideeffect to them. Linx began to hallucenate and then hear voices, he said it was the voices of the dead. The doctors claim it was the verbal rememberance of past friends and family they he heard and recorded in his brain then had been manipulated by his self consious to cause his hallusenations. Scarlet began to become anerexic and then lose her nuitrition which then nullified the effects of her drug. Drake began to lose all rememberance of his past and present life. Key's nervus system began to overload and cause painful spazums throught his body. Meranda developed an addiction to the drug and then went crazy over the addiction. Kain suffered from major mood swings along with short-term memory lose making episodes throughout the hospital and having no record of doing them. As for Fai, his body became numb and his nervus system lost it's effect. The machics of his body still worked but any pain or sense of touch his body once felt is gone. After awhile Fredrick locked them all in private cells to make sure they wouldn't disturb the peace of the hospital, if there was any.

After everyone else was injected with the drug Fredrick had picked seven new "Angels" as his favorites. But he didn't give up on the previous seven. They were still his "greatest creations". If he could cure them then he could have the perfect soliders, but there was no cure. The episodes of each and everyone of the "angels" were becoming worse and worse. Fredrick became desprite and then began performing tests himself on them. The ones he tested on were Scarlet, Meranda, Key and Kain. The tests failed. All of them. And Meranda Volix, Kain Viper, Key Noix died in these cells. And then came the time for Fai, Linx, and Drake to be tested.

On the day of theexperiment of Fai, Linx and Drake the Upheval occured and the doctors, scientists, nurses, and bodyguards of that building were all murdered by the beasts they created. The only one who servived was Fredrick. Linx was the one who was suppose to kill Fredrick but the man who he killed was his brother Dolamen Devour. Fredrick used him as a substitute as a means of getting away. Fredrick had released his bad-up trap as a means to escape and make sure that the beasts would never be release. The trap releases sheets of titanium to stop anything from leaving orentering the building. Fredrick's last words as major before dissappearing were "Even god has failed in his own creations, I am no different. In this failure I will thus be as a Phoeix and rise from the ash that has burnt all of which i had. My return will be that of one of a dashing light from the heavens."

Fredrick left behind his family letting his son Fredrick II take over the city of Higaldronus in the contry of Alexandros. After so long Fredrick was never found and his family previous family died and no one ever knew the secret of the "Fredrick Research and Development Tower". Higaldronus is still in the same few it was back then. Fredrick Devour IV issued a ban on entering the central district of which the tower still stands. Now the major Fredrick Devour IX has made a law that arrests anyone from going into the central district. The central district of Higaldronus is now a hollowed a dome of haunting memories that no one ever new......

Genesis 1:1 The Birth of the Unborn Nerosain
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Genesis 1:1 The Birth of the Unborn
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