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 Traveling through.. new faces

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Traveling through.. new faces Empty
PostSubject: Traveling through.. new faces   Traveling through.. new faces Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2009 2:04 pm

The morning sun awoke the young woman from her slumber. A yawn escaping her lips as she slowly sat up. "damn.. i really need to get some proper camping gear" she said to hersefl as the ashes of the now dead fire rustled and picked up with the wind. She watched the black dust circle and move in the wind towards the distance. She had been camping out for awhile now. Almost five weeks since she had been to a town. Her supplies where definately low and her sleeping arrangements not so grand. Her sore back from sleeping on the hard solid ground had told her so. Next town she had to buy a sleeping bag. Maybe even a blanket to add to that. A tarp would do well too. The cold winter days outside where never good.

She did not know why she continued her journey to find home. It was a lost memory, she's even started to forget the name of her village. With a strong sigh she stood up and stretched. "First thing I need is some water. And then some food". She pat her stomach lightly, today's catch had better be good, she needed to prepare afew days worth of dried food. Befor she could keep going.
With that she went off to the north of the small campfire. The only real clue anyone had slept there. She had no belongs other then her quiver and bow with her anymore. They had all been lost or stolen by now.
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Traveling through.. new faces
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