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 leon (why must it be 10 characters i dont have much too say about this)

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teh leon

teh leon

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PostSubject: leon (why must it be 10 characters i dont have much too say about this)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:43 pm

Name: Leon

Age: 16

Level: 1

Gender: male

Height/Weight: 5’11, 140 lbs.

Appearance: red short hair and a little spiky (see user pic)

Wears a set a red armor with gold tint, the armor is like a classic knight’s but with sliver spikes on the right shoulder of the armor, on the left shoulder is the knights of templar symbol on it. Under that armor when it is off wears a black long shirt kinda tight, a vest over it with the red flame symbols on it (the one in the user pic). A red armor on my elbows (also user pic)

Bio: he has parents that he does not know about. He was a knight follows the code of the templar. But he practices magic also not vary good at it but tries. He is young to not too strong really scared of true fights. He is so young people are scared to have him fight with him, but he knows he is stronger then he looks. Using his magic he enchants his Gun Blade with fire magic. He is even scared of water and cant swim at all, snow and ice are also fears of his.

Home: no where, where the knights need me, so a nomad

Class: Magic Knight

Weapons: Gun blades

Skills: Spoiler:
Noble Joust: Critical Damage Hit~1
King's Assult: A thousand jolts of a spear~10
Spear of Yun: A falling spear that causes massive Lighting and Holy Damage.~15
Wicked Word: A chanting that summons either Fire/Ice/Lighting/Water.~18
Silver Knight's Lance: Does damage according to the enemy's strength and defense.~20
God King Assult: Calls forth a hundred flying swords from the sky.~25
# Shell - Cast Shell on self when near death~Auto ability when near death.
# Spellblade - Cast magic spell on sword, imbueing it with that attribute~1

Magic: fire black magic

Summons: (Staff decides.)

Your Party: none yet

Likes: umm me??

Dislikes: not me??

About you: (N/A)

Favorite Quote: “do a barrel roll”
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Mimi Strife

Mimi Strife

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Character Stats
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PostSubject: Re: leon (why must it be 10 characters i dont have much too say about this)   Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:33 pm



Don't forget the light that shines through the shadows,dont forget the love that was given to you and most of all do not forget him/her...for he/she is the one..that will save you...don't forget...don't forget..I will give you ALL of my heart
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leon (why must it be 10 characters i dont have much too say about this)
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