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The fantasy......the create rests in your hands.
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 Nariko the dancer

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PostSubject: Nariko the dancer   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:30 pm

Name: (Nariko)

Years: (204)

Level: (1)

Gender: (female)

Height/Weight: (5'5), (138)

Appearance: ()

Bio: (Nariko was gaurd tightly because there was trying to make a prefect being to help humantiy
but one of the person want her for him self so before the lab got to ruins he ....... error this file is classified )

Cell Number: (264)

Class: (dancer )

Weapons: (boomrang, flute,Knives,Daggers)

Skills: (i don't know yet.

Magic: (fire and cure)

Summons: (Staff decides.)

Your Party: (none yet....)

Likes: (i don't know yet)

Dislikes: (don't know yet )

About you: (don't know)

Favorite Quote: (but i trust you)
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Mimi Strife


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PostSubject: Re: Nariko the dancer   Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:24 pm



Don't forget the light that shines through the shadows,dont forget the love that was given to you and most of all do not forget him/her...for he/she is the one..that will save you...don't forget...don't forget..I will give you ALL of my heart
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Nariko the dancer
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