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 Kaori Suzutami

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Kaori Suzutami

Kaori Suzutami

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Age : 26
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Character Stats
Total Gil: 10
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PostSubject: Kaori Suzutami   Kaori Suzutami Icon_minitimeTue Jan 27, 2009 3:35 pm

Name: Kaori Suzutami

Age: 14

Level: 1-2

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 4'11'', 95 lbs

Appearance: avi

Bio: Kaori is a tomboy and lives with no one. She travels from place to place hoping to find work. She is only 14 yet she has the IQ of an 18 year old. She is good at thinking strategically and carries a sword with her. She not only has a sword that is sacred to her (given to her at father's passing.), but she knows magic. (gets it from her mother, who is a sorceress). Although Kaori likes to have fun and play practical jokes (yang), she is also kind and sweet at times, her heart innocent and pure. (yin.) When she was born, a symbol appeared upon the side of her neck, the yin yang symbol. This symbol means the "the savior and the destroyer." Kaori is the type with a personality who can get out of control sometimes. When you hurt her friends, she gets in an uncontrollable rage and only her teammate Revelation can calm her down. The sword that her father gave her, it's called the Yang sword. There is another called the Yin, except she has to find it first. When in possession of these two swords, she should be virtually stronger than most.. but the power is too much to control for Kaori, the novice. She has two different colored eyes from a mutation in her genes at birth.. one blue and the other white. The blue eye is a sky blue representing calmness like the ocean, and the white representing purity like an angel as well as the emptiness inside her heart. Her mother is living with a fatal disease and will die soon if Kaori doesn't find a way to cure her. Thus, Kaori has set out on a mission to find the Yin sword, has dreams of saving the world, and curing her mother.

Home: I don't have one
Class: Mystic Knight

Weapons: Just my sword and my magic

Skills: Cure~1
Noble Joust: Critical Damage Hit~1
King's Assult: A thousand jolts of a spear~10
Spear of Yun: A falling spear that causes massive Lighting and Holy Damage.~15
Wicked Word: A chanting that summons either Fire/Ice/Lighting/Water.~18
Silver Knight's Lance: Does damage according to the enemy's strength and defense.~20
God King Assult: Calls forth a hundred flying swords from the sky.~25
# Shell - Cast Shell on self when near death~Auto ability when near death.
# Spellblade - Cast magic spell on sword, imbueing it with that attribute~1

Magic: Light and Black

Summons: Nothing

Your Party: Revelation (whom I met one day while walking through the forest. She fell in a lake and i tried to grab her but she fell anyway. Now she has no memory of what happened, amnesia. I rescued her from the lake immediately after she fell unconscious and we've been best friends ever since.), Averdak

Likes: to flirt, to act and sing, to protect my friends, donuts ^^

Dislikes: nothing really, except for people who hurt my friends

About you: I am a dramatic tomboy who likes to act and sing. I also love to play soccer and run track. When I have free time, I like to draw and sing to myself and/or hang with friends. I am funny, for the most part. This is the real me... o.o or was this supposed to be my character?

Favorite Quote: I have a lot.. so here are like 3 of them.

"Always shoot for the moon and the heavens above, because the worst that can happen is that you fall upon the stars."

"All's fair in love and war."

"I'll be the one who is there for you, who catches all your tears, who makes you laugh when you're down, who will always show you love, AND your only TRUE friend."

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Mimi Strife

Mimi Strife

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Character Stats
Total Gil: 10
Total Experience: 1000

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PostSubject: Re: Kaori Suzutami   Kaori Suzutami Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 4:27 pm

Level 1 ^^everyone starts besides that ~Approved!~

Kaori Suzutami 77
Don't forget the light that shines through the shadows,dont forget the love that was given to you and most of all do not forget him/her...for he/she is the one..that will save you...don't forget...don't forget..I will give you ALL of my heart
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Kaori Suzutami
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