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 Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light

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Cecil Harvey

Cecil Harvey

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PostSubject: Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light   Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2009 6:55 pm

Name: Cecil Harvey

Age: 20

Level: 1

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 5'8", 128 lbs


Bio: Cecil was born to a Lunarian named Kluya and Cecilia from Earth. Cecil's father was killed before he was born, and his mother died in labor. His brother Theodor then ran away with him, but abandoned him outside Baron. The King eventually found him and named him Cecil, since he resembled his late mother.Cecil was raised by the king, which initially caused some friction between him and the young Kain Highwind. Kain thought that Cecil got too much special treatment from the king, and wanted to fight him. However, a young girl called Rosa broke the two of them up. The three of them eventually grew up and became friends. Kain and Rosa followed in the footsteps of their parents and became a Dragoon and a White Mage, while the king had Cecil train to be a Dark Knight. Cecil was able to harness the dark powers of the class and became a top warrior. He later became the captain of Baron's airship fleet, the Red Wings. After realizing the King's corrupt ways , he vowed to fight against him and began searching for the crystals. On the way , he took on the trial of the mountain and by refusing to fight a copy of his darkened self , he became a Paladin.

Home: Baron

Class: Paladin

Weapons: Mythgraven Blade

Skills: Nurse

Magic: Cure


Your Party:

Likes: Light, Defeating Evil

Dislikes: Darkness, Golbez

About you: um.... yeah

Favorite Quote: "I'm a coward. A coward who cannot even defy orders he knows he ought not follow."
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Mimi Strife

Mimi Strife

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PostSubject: Re: Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light   Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 4:22 pm


Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light 77
Don't forget the light that shines through the shadows,dont forget the love that was given to you and most of all do not forget him/her...for he/she is the one..that will save you...don't forget...don't forget..I will give you ALL of my heart
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Cecil Harvey , Paladin of Light
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