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 Part. 1 The Beginning

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Part. 1 The Beginning Empty
PostSubject: Part. 1 The Beginning   Part. 1 The Beginning Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02, 2009 5:20 pm

Year, 4034 A.D. Month, Januray. Time, 21:34. The cities and towns have become violent and hallow. Our citizens are run by a self-proclaimed King. Ever sense "they" came along the Relics have ordered us are like dogs to do what they say when they say it. King Cather is the ruler over the country of Slythe. He came in to power by popularity. When the Anti-forms came along he promised to be the savor of the people and rid the earth of them. In reality that was but three hundred years past. The Current King is actually King Octavus Cather V. The promise of the first King was broke with his death. It was more like a murder. His son and wife plotted his demise and then took rule. The kingdom wasn't ready for their servents to be freed.

The anti-forms that crawl around out alleys and streets are blank existences. Our scientist say they are made of dark matter or something so far-fetched that it's impossible to determine what they are. To put it simple they are some worse than the fiends in the meadows and forests. Hell, even fiends cower in fear of these 'things'. They were first founded by Author Vexous, a aciologist from over four hundred years ago. The studied the first one ever reveiled. Said it was the cure to longer life and immunity to illness. Later when tryied to kill it and do an otopsy, it went berserk and slayed Author. His assistant Eli Coris wrote a log of Author's success and his tragic failure. Eli told the world that this was neither human nor beast and was not a cure but a virus.

When King Cather first stepped into his throne he ordered to destruction of every anti-form on the planet. His lead knight and greatest soilder Zander Fei was the first to go into combat with an Anti-form and come back alive. He was the only person who knew how to kill the Anti-forms. Zander died shortly after the death of King Cather. They say it was to too much exposure to the Anti-forms toxins and poisons, but the truth was the Queen and Prince wanted both of them out of the way so they could rule the land. If they got rid of Zander they could take reponsiblitiy of the people's protection, if they got rid of the king they could forever keep the citizens in their claws.

Now a days the police and officers and knights are all led by the greed of the King. These people who once up held jutice and law are called "Relics" and with every dictatorship their are bound to be "Rebels". The rebels aren't very large. We call them outlaws now. They were once our heros of freedom but they have been named criminals because of the Relics.

No one knows who the good guys are now. The kingdom keeps us locked in. The Rebels have be redused to crime and vandalizum to go against the so called "Law". This is one of the dakest times of Slythe. I write this story not because I too am rebel and want people to know our pain. I simply want Slythe's history to be read wheather it's good or bad. No one else but the Rebel's know about the King and Hero's deaths. The reason we know is simply because we all worked on the inside of the government. We all of have a story. Mine is just part of something even greater. Listen to our voices. Hear our prayers .... and our sorrows.

~Chapter 1. Complete~

Part. 1 The Beginning Nerosain
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Part. 1 The Beginning
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