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 Stat Guide

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PostSubject: Stat Guide   Stat Guide Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2009 11:42 pm

This is what you need to level up for Physical Attacks.

What is used to defend yourself. If it's not leveled your easily dead.

This helps you in using Magical attack.

-Magic Defense-
Normal defenses are great but compared to a magic defense it's nothing.

How well you can shoot and aim at your target.

Basically your ability to react and attack as quickly as possible.

Helps in dodging and Fleeing

This helps in numerous things. Critial Hits, Dodging, and getting gil.


Strength + Defence = Great Attack Power

Magic + Magic Defense = Great Magical Ability

Agility + Evasion = Great Chance of Dodging

Strength + Agility + Accuracy = Great Long Range Attack

Magic + Accuracy = Great Magical Ability

Magic + Strength = Great Balance in Power

Stat Guide Nerosain
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Stat Guide
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