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 ~Item List~

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PostSubject: ~Item List~   ~Item List~ Icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2009 7:38 pm

Potion List

Potion - Heals 100 points of damage
Hi-Potion - Heals 500 points of damage
X-potion - Completely Heals a party Member
Mega-potion - Heals 2000 points of damage for everyone in the party
Mixed-potion - (made by chemists only) Heals the amount of points of the total 3 potions mixed.
Ether - Heals 50 points MP.
Hi-Ether - Heals 300 points of MP.
Elixir - Restores all HP and MP for one ally
Mega-Elixir - Restores all HP and MP for party
Do-do potion - Heals party by half of the damage they lost.
Sweet Potion - Heals a party member by the cost of their MP.
Sour Potion - Raises all stats but halves a party members HP.
Grave Potion - Raises a member from the dead. (gives the dead party member only 1 HP)
Sparkling Potion - A Regen potion.
Yin-Yang Potion - Levels a party members HP and MP by the highest HP or MP.
Yang-Yin Potion - Levels a party members HP and MP by the Lowest HP or MP
Sacafication Potion - Causes complete death to a party member, but hits the enemy with that party member's total HP.

Antidote List

Antidote - Cure Poison
Eye Drops - Cure Blindness
Echo Screen - Cure Silence
Wild Wine - Casts Berserk
Golden Needle - Cures Stone or Petrification
Holy Water - Heal Undead, Curse, or Zombie status.
Remedy - Cures all Aliments
Luck Mallet - Cures Mimi
Lucky Lucky Mallet - Increases Luck, Evasion, and Stamina status
Maiden's Lips - Cures Frog or Toad status
Phoenix Down - Brings ally back to life (but only at 1/4 health)
Mega-Phoenix - Brings everyone back to life. (but only at half health)
Phoenix Fan - Brings dead party members to life at full health and magic.
Remedy Ring - Cures all aliments and makes party immune to all aliments for a short time.

Support Items
Light Screen - Casts Barrier
Mage's Wonder - Casts Reflect
Healer's Centerfold - Casts Regen
Madusa's Grace - Casts Reflect ad Immunity.
Triple Threat - Raises party member's strength, defense and evasion.
Lucky Star - Triple party all member's status.
Maester's Blessing - Protects against zombie and dark knight attacks.
Assasin's Kiss - Grants party Member a One-Hit kill on this one turn.
Silver Tounge - Raises Magic and Magic Defense
Sharp Tounge - Casts Provoke
Army of One - All party stats go to one party member.
Wonder Light - Drops all resiving damage to 0.

Attack Items

Bomb Fragment - Causes Minor Fire Damage
Bomb - Causes Fire Damage
Grenade - Causes Damage
Flare Marbel - Causes Non-elemental damage
Heated Marbel - Causes Chain Fire Damage
Frozen Marbel - Causes Chain Ice Damage
Shocked Marbel - Causes chain Lighting Damage
Doused Marbel - Causes chain water damage
Whispering Marbel - Causes Chain Wing Damage
Marbel Collection Bag - Causes a chain of random mage attacks.
Arrow Head - Causes damage equal to the user's defense status
Metranome - Causes damage to the user and the enemy every turn one at a time. Damag doubles with every hit.
Whispering Stone - Causes wind damage and petrification.
Screaming Stone - Causes Slience and Petrification.
Dark Matter - Causes Massive Gravitational Damage.
Three Stars - A triple elemental attack that causes major damage.
Shiva's Mirror - Causes overwhelming ice damage. Paralizes the enemy(or enemies).
Ifrit's Claw - Causes overwhelming Fire Damage. Causes Curse on enemies.
Raiden's Pendant - Causes overwhleming Lighting Damage. Causes Zombie on enemies.

~Item List~ Nerosain
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PostSubject: The nighmare has just begun ~ Goblin Camp~   ~Item List~ Icon_minitimeMon Oct 27, 2008 6:34 pm

-In a forest at least 10 Goblins have been confronted and many travelers cant pass trough the forest help them get rid of them. Accept this mission and take them down.-

_Lvl 3-5 party members recomended. Pm Kratos to request this mission. Include Party names._
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~Item List~
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